Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Community Supported Publishing

 Wolverine Farm Publishing, a fledgling publishing house in Fort Collins, CO is testing a new strategy for staying afloat in the publishing bussiness - Community Supported Publishing.

You may ask, ummm isn't this the same as a subscription?  Well yes, however I do think re-branding to CSP is apt for this outfit as Wolverine Farm is a family run affair, epically conscious of its place in the community and its unique position to provide for the community of northern Colorado.

Much like the pioneering Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs in the neighborhood Wolverine Farm cultivates a cohesive community through literacy outreach, and various intellectual forums. Not the least of which are a series of discussions at the Bean Cycle coffee shop in downtown Fort Collins.

I should say as a disclaimer, I have written for Wolverine Farm Publishing in the past and they have written about me :) A symbiotic relationship of the highest caliber. They have been good to me so I'd like to return the favor.

From WFP ~

“The best way to support Wolverine Farm Publishing is to sign up for our Community Supported Publishing program. There are different levels of support depending on your desired selection of books and publications. While we are based in Fort Collins, Colorado and some of our work focuses on our actual geographical community, our wider community includes readers from coast-to-coast and around the world, the businesses who support us, and also the businesses, people, and issues we involve ourselves with. Find the level that is right for you and sign up today!

All CSP levels include the upcoming issues of our publications – Matter 15: East Coast and/or Boneshaker BA 43-300 — unless you specify otherwise.   If you would like to pick up your CSP share instead of us mailing it to you, please let us know.”

Please take a moment and learn what Wolverine Farm Publishing is all about at their web page.

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