Thursday, August 23, 2012

Functional bicycle 3D-printed!

A special thanks to Maria Popova for tweeting such awesomeness this morning.  Though this application for 3D-printing is indeed tantalizing there are many further implications to this technology. I heard a story on the Nature podcast a few moths ago that a 93 year-old woman had an exact replica of her lower jaw bone printed out of titanium. She then had her cancerous bone replaced with the printed metal one! On top of all the terminator body-part upgrades my mind is running wild with the possible effects 3D-printing will have on the economy and the environment. Imagine a manufacturing company setting up decentralized printing factories to save on shipping costs. Good for the bottom line and the environment. I'm sure there are caveats to the technology but watching this video I can't help think about future scenarios where something like the Star-Trek replicator becomes real.

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