Thursday, September 27, 2012

Facebook, Family, Politics, and Prejudice


Barnabus Sackett said...

I followed your discussion with your Uncle on FB and I wanted to say well done! Meaning that I am glad that both of you sat down and discussed politics. I think that this type of conversation is soo soo important in this day and age. Our political system has become more and more polarized over the past 50 years or so and I think that this is partly because politics has become a taboo topic even among friends and family. That is truly a shame because where else do you have to talk freely if not with friends and family?

I think open dialogue is very important because it allows people to flesh their ideas out. I know I have developed some thoughts in my head before and felt like they were pretty legitimate, but when I actually said them out loud to close friends and/or family I found out they were not so well thought out and heard good arguments against my ideas. As a result I changed my perspective, it might not have changed them completely but at the very least I am at least aware of another perspective.

One more thought; FB is a great place to have these difficult discussions! I think this is true for few reasons:

(1) You actually have to think about your idea(s) and type it out, meaning that it may help to develop your thoughts better before you post it.

(2) Political topics, at least for me, get my blood pumping because I am passionate about them. Having discussions on Facebook provides you time to calmly think about responses that you are passionate about, which could prevent rash comments.

(3) More on the theme of time, FB discussions give you time to find non-biased facts about topics under discussion. Much of the media is filled with biased statistics/pseudo-facts so going to a non-biased source to look up real facts about the topic at hand can enlighten all in the discussion.

(4) More people can join the dialogue, which can bring in new ideas/perspectives.

Krip I totally agree with your video! Keep the conversations going!

Barnabus Sackett said...

On another note you wanted to talk about Super PACs. I want to know what you think about this debate:

It somewhat changed my perspective on Super PACs.

tompainesghost said...

Just watched the entire intelligence squared debate about super pacs. Do you have google+? would love to do a hangout to discuss this. Lots of ideas flowing from watching that. Thanks for sharing!

Barnabus Sackett said...

Yea I do have Google+ and we should definitely talk about the debate. I am busy this morning but maybe this afternoon or tomorrow. Let me know what works for you.