Friday, October 5, 2012

Night Skies - Yosemite


Troy said...

Good to see you are still a good-natured fella, and thanks for the compliments! You’re not too bad of a guy yourself; it’s just unfortunate that you have become so mindless when it comes to your ideology. Maybe your uncle will talk some sense into one of these days!

Fine, so a certain segment of the Muslim community loves to kill their own people or any people for that matter, I agree with that. But that doesn’t mean we have to continue to make excuses for them. I’m not a Muslim hater. I believe in our founder’s belief that all citizens should be free to practice whatever religion than see fit. I’m sure there are millions of them across the planet that are peaceful law-abiding people. But what’s wrong with condemning the attacks immediately without making excuses for the terrorist? Why do with have to emphasize with them? Why do we have to spend thousands of dollars on advertisements on Arab TV stations apologizing to the Muslim community? Sure there was a lapse of security from both administrations. At least Bush didn’t run around begging for forgiveness from the world for our country’s belief in the freedom of speech. Maybe Obama said some of that to a certain extent, but it took him three weeks to do it. The president doesn’t need to emphasize with terrorists period, whether he is trying to be enlightened or not. I’d rather have a leader who stands behind his country and its founding principles rather than apologize for them. And it’s not a conspiracy that the 9/11/12 attack on our embassy was a planned attack against the USA.

Sure Turkey attacks Syria when its own people start dying. Where was Turkey during the Iraq war when we were trying to ouster a regime that had previously killed thousands of Muslims and Kurdish people, and continued to oppress the vast majority of its people?

Good try Kris, but I think you are falling short on this discussion, somewhat like the president did in the debate a few nights ago!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to post thoughts outside of the standard praise and worship of everything Obama! (I’m referring to your glowing diatribe of Obama video at Horsetoothe among others).

tompainesghost said...

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