Sunday, February 10, 2013

the Unbelievers

Richard Dawkins has been branded a sexist in recent months by prominent bloggers I hold in high regard. A new film titled "The Unbelievers" is not helping his image much. In it, Woody Allen is cast as an advocate of the scientific world-view. How is this advancing a scientific perspective? How is putting a near-pedophile out there as a front-man for science helping? Come on.

 Despite all this I can not deny the impact Dawkins has had on my world-view through his writings. If nothing more than convincing me to read the Origin of Species cover-to-cover my intellectual interactions with him have been worth it. This coupled to my positive encounter with Lawrence Krauss this past summer at Chautauqua Institution leads me to share this preview with you all. As an unbeliever myself I predict this film will be a gateway to many stimulating discussions and stimulating discussions are what I live for.

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