Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bridging the gaps in science communication

In this Google+ Hangout organized by the illustrious @DNLee5 a wonderful group of people discuss the methods to most effectively communicate science to a wider audience. A big thanks to Danielle for inviting me to participate in such a significant and timely discussion.


David Brown said...


How did you get your names and hashtags at the bottom of the windows"

Kristopher Hite said...

Thanks! When you are in a google+ hangout look to the left and you can add the "hangout toolbox" once you have that there is a thing called lower third that will show up on the right side as a small icon with a little blue silhouette and a red dot. click on that and you can customize your name tag! then just hit the on/off switch to ON :)

Kelly said...

Great points. As part of a science track, universities should require scientist to doing at least one class in the journalism school.