Monday, April 15, 2013

What is this?

Last Friday I held the second MicroscoPARTY. A microscoparty is basically an excuse to nerd-out with friends on the internet with live video from a microscope.

We had a lot of fun but unfortunately the party was not entirely archived as we somehow got cut off about 7 minutes into the discussion. The topic of the evening was food and fungus and we looked at 6 different samples; bread, beer, bread mold, blue cheese, pollen (I know this is not food or fungus but it is EVERYWHERE in Atlanta right now) and finally a drop of fermented tea called Kombucha.

The drop of Kombucha came from a bottle of GT's Guava Goddess.  While perusing the slide I stumbled across the above thing. Full disclosure - I drank a lot of this before sampling so the unknown microbe pictured above may have come from my mouth (though I doubt it). Can you help us identify the curled body in the image? What is this? We have several conjectures from the peanut gallery but I want to conduct an unadulterated survey of TPG readers. Help me crowd-source the answer to this mico-mystery! What is this?

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