Saturday, October 12, 2013

@thorsonofodin Sets Sail for Science Online Oceans


Here I am in Miami for the first ever Science Online Oceans Conference.

Despite the fact that this entire genre of science is way outside my wheelhouse I decided to make the trek down from Atlanta. I am curious to see what I learn and who I meet. If it is even a fraction of the intensity of the flag-ship Science Online Conference I attended last February then I am sure I'll be reeling for months.

Leading up to the conference I put together a blog post about the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico. I've been following the political and ecological implications of the dead zone problem for years and decided to summarize the current status of the dilemma.
You can check out that post at Scientific American. A big deal for me as it is my debut piece for the SciAm Network.

Follow the emerging information from this event on Twitter using #ScioOceans.

Some cool links so far...

OMG I want to build one of these DIY mini-submarines! Mom! I can finally build that submarine I dreamed of as a kid! OpenROV 

Want - a navy blue uglifish t-shirt. Awesome - Uglifish

Some sweet web-sites I came across at #ScioOceans.
COSEE Florida
The Echinoblog
Bittel Me This
Ocean Conservancy
Story Collider
Deep Sea News 
Society of Environmental Journalism
Plankton Portal

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