Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Early Morning Mind-Swirl

 We call it the mind-swirl. The phenomenon of waking up at 3:30, or 4:45, or worst of all, 5 AM and thinking about all the things that need to be done in the coming days, weeks, months, years.

  • File that annual report and be sure to have the budget details nailed down, and justified.
  • Finish writing that book chapter
  • Re-write the entire lab-manual
  • Build a raised bed for vegetables
  • Pack for vacation
  • Make sure to enjoy your vacation
  • You're too heavy, do some serious cardio
  • Scroll on social media and see an article that says you can not just decide to be a different person
  • Contemplate if you should subscribe to the Atlantic
  • Find print copies of the New Yorker you have not read for months
  • Decide you should not subscribe to the Atlantic
  • Make sure to channel the loving spirit of your parents
  • Mourn the loss of the last few year's worth of joy due to the Pandemic
  • Realize the overwhelming joy you have experienced over the last few years despite the pandemic.
  • Be more charitable after reading an article about a meal shared between Jose Andres and Ron Howard in one of those neglected New Yorker magazines.
  • Log on to your computer to start working on that annual report.
  • Write a silly blog post on Tom Paine's Ghost instead
  • Are you sick?
  • Is it DayCare funk?
  • Yes.
And here I am back to writing terribly but doing it so I can cultivate the feeling of keystrokes in a dimly lit basement with the white of the computer screen lighting up the keyboard.

OK, I'd better go figure out how to use Microsoft Teams and R.


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